My Own Successful Experience on Writing a 1000 word essay

My Own Successful Experience on Writing a 1000 word essay

Some students may think it is not so hard to write a 1000 word essay. But if they start to create this paper, many students face problems and understand that writing this paper requires good skills, enough time, and a clear plan for all pages. This is a difficult assignment. It is not very easy to make an interesting 1000 word essay, and in this article, I want to share my own experience with readers. I needed to make a 100 words essay within about three days. I have to say I was able to finish my paper on time. I knew it is a time-consuming work, and I tried to plan carefully every paragraph of my future essay before writing. I will give many useful tips on how to structure your future paper.

7 Hints on How to Create a Perfect 1000 Word Essay

Follow these tips to make a marvelous academic paper:

  1. Find a quiet place for writing. Some people think they can write anywhere and it is not true. It is quite important to find a comfortable place: for example, I was writing my work in the school library where I was able to concentrate on my thoughts.
  2. Plan the length of your future essay. As you probably understand, the number of pages of your work depends on the format type. For example, I used Times New Roman font, 12pt, with double spacing, and my own essay was four pages long. If you will choose the Arial font, the paper will be around two pages.
  3. Choose an interesting topic. Some people cannot write even a page because they feel stuck with a chosen subject, and I selected a topic I am interested in; this helped me to save a lot of time.
  4. Manage time properly. Before writing, I made a detailed plan for every paragraph of my future paper. Needless to say, it takes a lot of time to research a subject and find various sources that contain useful information. A good time-planning helped me to create my essay on time without delays.
  5. Select a good structure for the essay. I used a standard 3-paragraph structure for my work; you can read more about this in the paragraph below. I know some students that are used to make essays without structuring and outlining and their grades are not high.
  6. Follow the teacher's recommendations. While I was making my paper, I read all the instructions given by my teacher, and it was very helpful for my writing. Plus, I asked my teacher some questions and got great answers that helped me to make a proper 1000 word essay.
  7. Proofread the finished essay thoroughly. Mistakes are unacceptable for writers, that's why I have re-read every sentence of my paper to find and correct grammar and logical errors. Editing is an important part of the work, please pay attention to it.  

How I have Structured My 1000 Words Essay

I found enough information on the chosen topic and finished working with sources. I needed to structure my future 1000 word essay. As I said before, I used a standard structure for an essay that looks like this:


  • - opening sentence – I introduced the subject to my readers, and hooked their attention with a bright beginning;
  • - context – I included here all the needed information for readers to help them understand the topic better;
  • - thesis statement – I described what I am going to write in the work.

Body paragraphs (I included three paragraphs in my essay):

  • - topic sentence – I wrote the main idea of every paragraph;
  • - I provided evidence from my sources to support the thesis;
  • - the analysis of my evidence – I showed to my readers how this evidence supports a thesis and explained why did I choose this evidence;
  • - transition to the next paragraph – this is a sentence that connects one paragraph with another to create a smooth construction of my paper.

Conclusion – I provided to readers that I have solved the problem faced in the work. I made this part short to give my readers a feeling the essay is ended.

9 Steps for Writing a 1000 Word Essay: a Detailed Guide

While I was working on this paper, it was important for me to choose the essay format. I am going to give you some useful tips on making a 1000 word essay easily and fast. I will show the creation of this paper step by step. It looks this way:

  1. Considering the audience: I thought about my future readers, their needs and expectations. I discovered the guidelines given by my teacher before I started to write.
  2. Choosing a topic: I picked up an interesting topic and made sure it will be interesting for my readers.
  3. Researching the topic. I thought about my paper's thesis and started to gather documents to support my work: I understood that any of my statement means nothing without a good evidence.
  4. Creating an outline. It is an important step that helped me to write straight. If I knew what I am going to write, it was simpler to do the job then if I am just writing something without any idea to what point this must lead me.
  5. Formatting the outline. The essay should consist of 5 paragraphs: introduction, three paragraphs of a body part, and conclusion: you can read more details above.
  6. Crafting an interesting introduction. I started my work with an exciting discovery to grab the readers' attention. Before that, I surfed the internet and found tons of great 1000 word essay examples to get an idea of how I should write.
  7. Writing 3 body paragraphs. On this step, I kept in my mind that every argument of my work should be put into the separate paragraph. I included all the needed evidence to support my arguments.
  8. Creating a successful conclusion. I tried to not repeat things here, just finished my work logically and summarized all the paragraphs I have written.
  9. Editing and checking. I finished my work and re-read it at twice to check grammar and spelling errors. Of course, it is possible to use an online service to do this job but I had enough time for editing my essay, and I decided to make it on my own. I checked twice that my paper is accurate and clear because the messed work won't be understandable for most readers. I checked thoroughly all facts, statistics and sources I cited in the essay.

More Writing Tips for a 1000 Word Essay

I knew that if I will choose a right strategy for my 1000 word essay, people understand me well. Depending on the work's type, I could use different strategies to improve my essay. Here are several techniques I used for my writing:

  • Repetition – this strategy helped me to convince people of various things. I was able to say my point of view in different ways and get agreement from my audience.
  • Explain reasons – the power of explanations. I gave people an understandable reason to get my own opinion.
  • I was consistent – I supported my text with evidence and never jumped from one topic to another. I tried to make my entire essay like a solid way that leads the reader to my own opinion.
  • I used comparisons – in my paper, I used analogies, similes, and metaphors. This helped to convince people if I compare my own opinion with something that readers accept.
  • I tried to be a storyteller – needless to say, a good story can involve people much better than anything else. This technique is great if to combine with any mentioned, and I decided to use it to attract more readers.

Essay Writing Services: to Use or not to Use?

Nowadays, many students use various essay writing companies alike famous to create academic papers. As for me, I never had any experience with this and I have to say that it is a good chance for a student to get a high grade. Of course, it is important to choose the service wisely and never get into the rush.

I have a good friend that is studying and working at the same time. He does not have much time for writing 1000 word essays, that's why he orders papers online and always gets proper essays on time. He said that he followed his brother's recommendation to choose the certain writing company. I think it is a good idea to discover the company before cooperating.

At the current time, I have enough time to write all my assignments but who knows if I will be able to do it always; if I need some help, I will do my best to find a reliable writing service for cooperation. I hope that my hints and my experience listed in this article were helpful. I was glad to share because I understand how hard the studying can be, and I wish you good luck in creating a bright 1000 word essay!