Hints on Making a Successful Argumentative Essay

Hints on Making a Successful Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a type of academic work that helps the writer to show to readers that certain ideas are more valuable and important than others. Thanks to this paper, readers can be informed about the subject. The main purpose of the argumentative essay is to persuade readers of the agreement with the opinion of the writer.

The argumentative work is not simple to create even for an experienced writer. You should be logical and bring strong evidence to support your argument. If the writer has a good ability to parse through the different aspects of the subject and lead readers to the logical and obvious conclusion, this document will be effective. Making a strong argument is a difficult task: it requires from any writer a lot of various skills, abilities, and efforts.

The argumentative essay must provide readers with a good summary of the subject. You have to bring your opinion to the audience and explain why this point of view is the best decision of all others. That's why it's important for a writer to figure out how and where to move in the writing process. If a writer did everything right, the work should sway other people in their opinion on the paper's subject.

Argumentative essay: building a successful structure

Before starting your work, a writer has to create the structure, so the whole writing process would be logical and well-defined. Here are the main parts that any argumentative essay must have.

  • Introduction – the paragraph where the writer states the subject that will be discussed in the work, without bringing their own opinion;
  • The main body – this is the largest part of the argumentative essay, it may contain several paragraphs where the writer brings their opinion and supports it with strong evidence;
  • Conclusion – the last and final section of your argumentative essay where the writer has to state their opinion and finish the work logically.

Useful phrases and words

Sometimes a writer may use certain phrases and words. This helps to highlight the facts and ideas or introduce the alternative opinion. Keep in your mind that opinion words (like “in my opinion”, “as I think”, “I believe that”) may only be used in the last part of the work where the writer should express your own opinion about the paper subject.

You can choose from the next list of words that are used to make a certain effect on your readers.

  1. How to put the same idea or thought in another way
  • - if to rephrase this more simply, if to keep it in mind
  • - rather, in other words, in that case
  • - if to look at another angle
  1. If you want to add more to a fact you already stated
  • - besides, again
  • - furthermore, in addition, if to add
  • - in reality, if to mention
  1. If you are going to show various opinions
  • - on the other hand, besides
  • - at the same time, however
  1. How to introduce an alternative opinion to your readers
  • - on the other hand, by contrast, another way is...
  • - although, in comparison
  1. How to summarize facts and finish your work.
  • - in short, therefore
  • - to finish, in conclusion, as a summary

30 The Most Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

If you are requested to write an argumentative essay, a writer has to choose a debatable topic that will be interesting for the readers. In this article, you will find 30 topics for an argumentative essay. Feel free to use any subject from the list or create your own topic based on our ideas.

Internet and Social Media Sites

  1. Is it normal to have good online friends but no relationship with people in the real world
  2. How to buy things online
  3. From what age kids should be on social sites
  4. Skype or Whatsapp – which social media tool is more popular
  5. How to monitor what your child is doing online
  6. How to become an online writer
  7. What's the safest method to make online payments
  8. How to define if the person is addicted to the social sites
  9. How the Internet improves our lives
  10. Is it safe to have a Facebook account

Family and Kids

  1. What is the best age for motherhood
  2. Should parents punish their children
  3. How should a single mom raise a child
  4. Is it normal for a dad to be a babysitter
  5. How to raise up a talented child
  6. Is it good to be the only kid in the family
  7. Is it great to grow up in a big family
  8. Why brothers and sisters make fights
  9. What is the best age gap between two children in a family
  10. Is it normal to let your child do anything without punishment

Diets and Healthy Food

  1. Which diet is the best to lose weight
  2. Is it safe for your health to wear high heels every day
  3. Is a gluten-free diet is good for the health
  4. Why are many young people become anorexic
  5. Are all fat people care about their weight
  6. A low carbohydrate or a gluten-free diet
  7. Should a diet be combined with intensive exercising
  8. Which sports are helpful to make the health better
  9. Morbid obesity and health
  10. Is it good to not eat any sugar at all

After you have finished your argumentative essay, don't forget to proofread it and correct all errors. We suggest giving yourself a couple of days: make a short break and start reviewing with fresh eyes. Think about if the argumentative essay is enough logical and persuading. Make sure you have included strong evidence to support the argument. Try to read the finished argumentative essay to your relatives/colleagues/friends and watch their reaction; get your feedback and make some changes if needed. After you did all our suggestions, it means you did a great job and your work is ready.