13 Time-Tested Tips to Beat Writer’s Block: I Tried them, and They Worked!

13 Time-Tested Tips to Beat Writer’s Block: I Tried them, and They Worked!

Challenges in writing are a familiar phenomenon to an average student. As Mary Garden once admitted, “My block was due to two overlapping factors like laziness and lack of discipline.” This woman used to cope with the writer’s block so that you can do that too. The central question of this post is how to overcome writer block and implement effective writing strategies to handle academic essays and other types of articles.

What is Writer’s Block?

This phenomenon stands for the never-ending problem of “publish or perish,” but college students may face this issue having no proper skills or knowledge of the specific topic.

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The primary thing to discuss is the definition of this phenomenon. The term refers to the misery obstacle. It means a depressive, desperate feeling of a writer who is stuck in the middle of the writing process, finding it difficult to start a new idea or cover the current one. The cause is the fear of failure that ends up in emptiness. The worst outcome of the issue is the inability to finish an essay, academic paper, or an article for further publication.

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Signs That You Should Learn How to Stop Writer's Block

Staring at the white page for hours without any idea where to start? The “patient” may suffer from absence of thoughts or lack motivation and understanding of why he is doing what he is. Waiting for a mentor or inspiration to show up suddenly is not the best solution. The primary goal is to fight personal “inner editor” & “critique” which is a challenge because the voices inside force a writer to eliminate the text once it is written and start from the blank page.

Before we explain how to beat writer's block, read about the symptoms. We have listed them above, and the main sign is the induced panic in mind that results in quick and furious writing without a specific plan. No matter how hard a person tries to persuade himself or herself that the time for polishing paper will be later, the editing does not take place unless the necessary steps are taken.

How to Overcome Writer Block

If any of the symptoms in the previous section match you, find out how to stop writer's block. Here are some of the time-tested strategies from experts.

1) Start with a problem of anxiety about denial of your piece if you wish to understand how to overcome the problem once & forever. Take it as the sales tax instead of a deterrent. Even though some of these activities may be considered distractions, try them to handle your anxiety:

  • Meditation & yoga
  • Chewing gum
  • Listening to classical music
  • Walk in the park

2) In some cases, it is simpler to speak than write. Tape the essay. One of the ideas is to tape recorder & transcribe that content after.

3) If you realize that the main problem is laziness or procrastination, close the door of your room, remove all the distractions like mobile phone & video games, and start overcoming your problem.

4) When the professionals have problems with their writing, they start in the middle or whatever point they are aware of - this is one of the strategies. You can begin with the simplest part. If you write an essay, a good idea might be to start with the body and add the rest of the parts along with a thesis based on what you wrote.

5) If an idea suddenly comes to your mind, do not refuse it immediately. Scientists who studied how to overcome writer block share that the 1st reasonable thought instead of searching for the right points endlessly is the wisest decision. Leave the concerned idea underlined to be edited later.

6) If you wish to learn how to proceed with your writing, avoid so-called “Laundry list phenomenon.” What does it mean? It refers to a single paragraph after the following without transitions. You can find a full list of transition words & phrases online or in a dictionary, with their purposes mentioned.

Smart Tips & Tricks from Our Experts

Back too the question, we have some more advanced hints for students & writers:

  • Never start writing without an outline. People use maps not to get lost in the woods. Craft an essay outline where you list the sections you plan to include and questions to answer to keep up with the writing process.
  • Leave proofreading & editing to the end. Authors get stuck as they return to the beginning of the papers to check & edit them before finishing the rest of the job. Dedicate some time to this process once you’re done with writing.
  • Start reading widely. Come up with an RSS dashboard of the best online bloggers in your field, register to get SmartBrief access, or find the proper keywords using free tools. The point is: Read, Read, Read!
  • Review samples. One of the best ways to explain how to stop writer's block is to go through free examples of successful essay writing that can be found on our writing service. Pit down ideas that make you like other people writing.
  • Craft a mind map. It is another analogy of an outline. Come up with a visual drawing of the main thoughts and the way you relate to each of them in the shape of the diagram.
  • Mind the deadline! The worst thing a writer can do is procrastinate meaning postponing the process of writing until the last minute. You should have a certain schedule & time left for editing.
  • Check out writing prompts. Train by completing another writing exercises that are accessible for free on such platforms as Creative Copy Challenge.


Those are the most effective ways to prevent writer’s block. If you cannot get rid of it no matter how hard you try the other day, the best solution might be ordering a professional custom essay from the team of experts. We offer affordable writing services that any student will appreciate!